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Apple Supply Status Update (from our NZ Distributors) Updated: Monday, 8 August 2022

Recovery of the MacBook Air M2 Models - supply is expected to improve by the end of August, bringing some welcomed relief to the ETAs.

iPad 9th Gen continues to see greater supply improvement with recovery expected by end of quarter.

General supply across all Apple key lines while starting to improve, still continues to face ongoing supply constraints due to strong global demand and component shortages.

Mac Computers

MacBook Air M1  Tight Supply Limited stock on hand at the moment with estimated ETAs of 4-5 weeks for lines not in stock.

MacBook Air M2  Tight Supply reasonable quantities scheduled to arrive by the end of quarter with expected ETAs of 4-5 weeks.

MacBook Pro 13 M2  Good Supply Some lines are in stock now but there will be lead times of 3-4 weeks for lines out of stock until backlog recovers.

MacBook Pro 14  Tight Supply Stock available on some SKUs with estimated ETAs of 3-4 weeks for lines not in stock. Expected to recover by end of quarter.

MacBook Pro 16  Tight Supply Stock available on M1 Pro models with expected ETAs of 3-4 weeks for lines not in stock. M1 Max models continue to face constraints with ETAs of 4-6 weeks.

iMac 24  Heavily Constrained - Expected lead times of 8-9 weeks. Call out any critical deals.

Mac Mini  Good Supply.

Mac Studio  Tight supply - Recovery end of quarter with some shipments coming in over the coming weeks. Expect ETAs of 4-6 weeks for lines not in stock.

Studio Display  Heavily Constrained - Small allocations of the base model MK0U3X/A coming through, however, expect long lead times across all SKUs of 10 - 12 weeks. Please call out all critical deals.

Custom Builds

MacBook Air  M1 Version ETA 4-5 weeks.
MacBook Air  M2 Version ETA 5-6 weeks.

MacBook Pro 13 M2  ETA 2-3 weeks.

MacBook Pro 14  ETA 2-3 weeks.

MacBook Pro 16  ETA 2-3 weeks M1 Pro configurations
MacBook Pro 16  ETA 4-5 weeks M1 Max configurations

iMac 24  ETA 5-6 weeks.

Mac Mini  ETA 2-3 weeks.

Mac Studio  M1 Max configurations with 32GB RAM 8-9 Weeks.
Mac Studio  M1 Ultra configurations 10-12 Weeks.

iPad Devices

iPad (9th Gen)  Tight Supply Supply continues to improve with expected recovery by end of quarter. ETA of 4-6 weeks for lines out of stock. Please call out all critical deals.

iPad Air 5  Tight Supply Supply is improving but expect lead times of 6-8 weeks for out of stock items. Please call out all critical deals.

iPad Pro 11  Tight Supply Small allocations arriving weekly and expected ETA of 4-6 weeks.

iPad Pro 12.9  Tight supply Supply is improving with some lines in stock. ETAs of 3-4 weeks for lines not in stock.

iPad Mini 6  Constrained: Recovery TBD with expected lead times of 6-8 weeks. Please call out all critical deals.

Other / Accessories

Charging Adapters   Heavily Constrained Charging adapters continue to face heavy supply constraints due to component shortages. No recovery date or ETA at this stage. Shortages are expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

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